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Air Fresheners

Wollongong Sanitary Disposal Air Fresheners help combat stale and unpleasant odours, creating more comfortable environments. Our attractive air freshener unit suits all locations and enjoy full service support.

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Air Fresheners – Aerosol

Wollongong Sanitary Disposal Automatic Aerosol Air Freshener’s are the most advanced aerosol system for air-sanitising, odour or insect control.

Spray intervals can be programmed to suit your requirements in a range of fragrances. It’s ideal for use in washrooms, hallways and reception areas.

  • Fresh effective fragrances
  • Regular professional servicing
  • Attractive system to suit all locations
  • Fully programmable spray intervals with delay start/stop time settings

Air Fresheners – Fan Organic Gel

Wollongong Sanitary Disposal Organic Gel Fan Air Fresheners’ incorporates a specially designed fan system that has a light sensor switch. It is ideal for use in reception areas, hallways and washrooms.

The fan air freshener has applications in hotel, restaurants, health care centres, sports clubs, industrial establishments and wherever a clean, refreshing environment is desired. A range of fragrances are available.

Air Freshener - Organic Gel
  • Natural organic air freshener fragrances
  • Regular professional servicing
  • Environmentally safe
  • Attractive system to suit all locations

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