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Sanitary Disposal

Wollongong Sanitary Disposal Sanitary Bins are specifically designed for use inside the ladies toilet cubicle and are slim enough to fit neatly alongside the toilet without causing any inconvenience.

Wollongong Sanitary Disposal Sanitary Bins contain extra strong granules, so as sanitary towels and tampons are dropped into the bin, they are enveloped in a powerful sterilising vapour, which destroys infectious germs and eliminates unpleasant odours. All sanitary bins are replaced with a freshly sanitised sanitary unit at each service. All waste is disposed of through a licensed company expert in contaminated waste treatment.

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  • Slimline sanitary bin to fit neatly alongside toilet
  • Contains extra strong granules that kill bacteria
  • The Sanitary Bin is exchanged for a fresh sanitised unit at each service
  • Regular container exchange service


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